Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hiking the Wind Caves

We decided to hike the Wind Caves while we were in Logan Canyon.  It is 1.6-1.8 miles one-way depending on what website - trail head map - that you look at.  Every time we turned around it seemed that they were posting a new mileage amount.  We started early in the morning because it's pretty much up to the caves and then back down on a mountain face that is in full sun once the sun comes out.  Addison hiked about .25 miles of the whole thing - but she really loves to be in her backpack this year so Oliver carried her. 
Kyle hiked the whole way up and some of the way down - but his toes were bothering him on the downhill because of the grade of the hike and so we took turns carrying him.  Oliver actually carried him the last 1/2 mile or so and he fell asleep in his arms.  It was pretty funny to watch Oliver carry both Addison and Kyle and how they played together.
It was all I could do to carry the baby that's inside of me up and back but I did take a turn carrying Kyle on my back on the way down which helped even out my load.  I needed a shirt that said "I'm 7 months pregnant" so people would stop looking at me and thinking that's one big out-of-shape girl heaving her way up the trail.   
We took lots of breaks to snack and Kyle helped me use my poles up the steep parts.
It was beautiful once we got the caves - but it's not that child-friendly of a destination.
We had snacks and took a break and enjoyed the view from the back of the cave. 

Oliver took the kids, in turns, to the edge to look over the cliff and enjoy the view.  I had to look the other way thinking that they were all falling to their deaths.

Then on the way out - Kyle wanted to hike over the bridge part of the cave - I just walked away, but Holly stayed behind to take a picture.  That is no where near my comfort zone but it was good for Kyle.
We had a great time - I would just prefer a hike where our kids can run around like animals at the end and not have to worry about where their going or if they're close to the edge.  It's one we'll definitely do again though - beautiful!

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