Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Unexpected Oregon Trip

My dad unexpectedly passed away on Father's Day.  The morning after the wedding Oliver, Addison, and I flew to Portland and go and take care of things.  We only took three pictures the whole time we were up there but it was nice to get to see our family - even if the reason for the trip was sad.  We didn't think that we'd make it to Oregon again this year - and having just spent three weeks there in April meant that Addison had a great recollection of all the people and places we went.  She was really excited to see our family too and to be able to spend the night at Nana's in toy heaven.  

One night we were bathing her in our hotel room and she was quite distraught with the prospect of taking a bath with no toys - oh the horror!  I guarantee that is not something I considered taking on our unexpected trip when we weren't checking any bags for our 5 day trip and only taking 2 carry-ons.  But we improvised - and she thought the mug and ice bucket were the worlds greatest bath toys.  It was nice to have taken Addison with us and help bring some levity and joy to our long days.  

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Angela said...

I am so very sorry for your loss!! It is wonderful that you have such a joy in your life to help make it through such hard times.