Friday, July 27, 2012

Playdate with Our Cousins

Our favorite little people came over today and we all worked on sharing and playing nicely together.  I left them for the first 10 minutes to play unsupervised in hopes that Addison would just "suck it up" and be okay that there were other kids touching her things.  It worked okay - and I think the only way to teach her to chill out and there is plenty for everyone is to keep exposing her to other kids in her space. Introducing the players:

Aiden: by far the most chill child to play with.  He has less than 15 seconds interest in anything except the toy cell phone.  This is good for Addison because by the time she comes running to say he has something that he wants and belong to her and then returns to check again he has put it down.  Not a great listener yet - but the happiest to have things ripped out of his hands!
Kyle: the oldest and therefore the one that thinks he should have what he wants because he has the best language skills to say so.  Today, he reached for the ball in Addison's hand while saying "could I please have that back" and abruptly received a slap in the face.  Yep - that's the nice manners of our daughter who abruptly found herself in the naughty chair :)
Addison: aka Princess Possessive.  She spent at least 10 minutes sitting in her rocking chair clinging to a heart shaped necklace, a Halloween board book, a McDonalds toy, a water shooting toy, and a care bear cousin sheep.  This made it so no one could sit in her rocker and she was protecting whatever she could.  After about 30 minutes she warmed up but it didn't take much provocation for her to revert to possessive mood.
Don't look away - they are playing nicely together for 30 seconds!
We broke up the morning by going on a walk and having snack.  These are the kids that will rarely eat melon when they are alone in their own homes but, due to peer pressure, downed half a honeydew today by all sitting together. 

Love these guys - we will be so sad when/if they go away for grad school!

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