Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Wedding Pics of the Not Bride :)

Addison got a new dress, necklace, shoes, and a bracelet in order to be ready for the wedding.  She loves dressing up and these are some of the pictures we took in the morning at temple square before the wedding luncheon. 
Addison loves the temple and we often go to the Jordan River temple to look (it's less than a mile from our house).  She hasn't been to temple square since Christmastime but she was really excited to see it.  She took her turn on the wedding rock getting her picture taken and there was a line waiting by the time we were done :)  "I Love to See the Temple" is one of her favorite primary songs and she has started learning several of the words and will chime in when we sing it together.  It's amazing all the lyrics she is picking up on.

After the luncheon we were cleaning up the table decorations and taking things out to the cars - Addison loved riding in the cart after such a long morning.

Our wonderful neighbor, Addison's surrgoate grandma, picked Addison up after the luncheon so that she could go back to her house to nap and have dinner.  We attended the sealing and then went to help set-up for the reception.  She brought Addison to Wheeler Farm in time for pictures - well rested and fed.  It was the best arrangement and it was nice for Addison to be refreshed before the reception started. 

Getting married in June means fairly warm temperatures - but Addison found a way to keep cool during the reception - ice water and the air conditioning vent.  She might have detracted some of the attention away from Nick & Tasha with her cooling stunt.

As soon as we left the reception Addison was ready to be out of her dress.  She was hot and had been wearing it all day and was ready for some freedom that she is accustomed to.  She stripped down in the parking lot before we even made it to the car but you couldn't have pried the necklace off if you tried - she was very committed to wearing it all the way til bedtime.

Addison provided some nice entertainment for all of Tasha & Nick's guests waiting in line to congratulate them.  We were glad to help them pass the time.  It was a wonderful day!


kirsten.brooke said...

She is seriously SO darling in that dress! But it's true, what more do you need in an outfit besides pearls and a pair of black knickers!

TysonandMarthaGerber said...

So cute. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. Glad you got to see family.

Michelle said...

Those pics of Addison in her dress are so darling!

So sorry for you about your dad. Hope things look up.