Sunday, July 1, 2012

Last Little Brother to Marry

Amidst all the things that have happened in our life lately - we don't want to miss the most special occasion of Nick and Tasha's wedding.  It was a wonderful several days with lots of festivities and preparation and planning and a beautiful execution.  I stole these pictures from Graden's blog (Nick's best friend) and will be posting some of the ones that we took after I download them from my memory card.  They make a beautiful couple and Addison is purely smitten by Tasha.  She calls her "Teeesha" (she used to say Tasha and still can - she just likes to call her Teeesha) and prefers her to almost everyone in the family, except Papa. 

Addison spent the night with Grandma and Papa last night and then we met up with them at a baby blessing today.  Addison saw us sitting on the pew next to Tasha and Nick and she climbed right past both of us and cried "Teeesha, Teeesha".  We love that they are such good friends and we are so excited to have added Tasha to our family.  It was wonderful being in the temple for their sealing with all of Oliver's brothers now sealed and with his parents - it was a special day.
I cracked up when I saw this picture on Graden's blog - he said, "I promise she loves him.  He's just a little too rough sometimes."  It is such a perfect picture and an entirely true sentiment - he loves her deeply and sometimes he just gets so excited about it!  We're happy for them both - more pictures of Addison in her cute dress will be coming!

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