Friday, July 27, 2012

More Play-Dating

After our early morning play-date we headed to the new splash pad in Cottonwood Heights.  I neglected to take a hair tie and was overheated in about an hour.  This is only the second time Addison has been to a splash pad, and while she loves the pool, it took her awhile to warm up to the splash pad.  She ran around the perimeter and would hold mine or Holly's hand to go into any water.
But then she was introduced to the frog. 
The three cousins liked playing the lightly spraying low flowing water.
And then Aiden taught her how to use it as a drinking fountain and she was hooked.  When telling her dad about her day today she told him all about the frog and drinking the yummy tasty water.  Holly and I decided it was a battle we would stop fighting and just gave in.  Hopefully no one ends up with dysentery - and I'm sure the other moms loved their children following in Addison's and Aiden's example.
Kyle was the most adventurous and loved getting wet, sprayed, splashed, and drenched.  
Addison warmed up and had a great time - we will definitely go back but go earlier.  It got so crowded by 11 and all the kids were just running from one place to the other that there was a lot of bumping into each other, falling over, and getting trampled.  Because our kids are on the younger end they were often the ones taking a nose dive - but I'm sure - in a few years -  they'll be big and sturdy enough to deliver the body bump to send another child toppling.
There is not much that I love better than a chubby legged running toddler - it is a joy to watch!

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Anonymous said...

This splash pad is like 5 minutes from where we live now. Isn't it so fun! Come up another day and maybe we'll see ya there and we can chat;)