Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sharing Lunch

Porter and Priya (and their mom) came for lunch and playtime the other day.  I think Addison needs to have someone come play with her everyday so that she can learn to share her toys because it is SO HARD for her.  We were sitting up eating lunch - with every child having the exact same thing - and Addison kept swiping Porter's grapes.  Porter is very chill and didn't seem to mind and we just kept loading them back up on Porter's plate - but Addion wouldn't eat one piece of food off her own plate - but she loved everything Porter was having.  It was hysterical!

She would then exclaim - "Porter sharing".  How nice of him!   When I sit beside her to eat she'll eat apple slices off my plate and not touch any of hers - there just must be something appealing about taking it from someone else that makes it taste so much better.

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Evan and Holly said...

I agree with Addison. I always like what Evan orders at a restaurant better and I always take some of his food---including drinks---but I really never want to share with him if I like what I have :)