Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Auditioning for Emily

I've been trying to learn a piano piece to accompany our YW for YW in Excellence and it is proving to take more time than I originally anticipated. Consequently, Addison has also been playing the piano regularly. She loves to play while I'm playing and she loves to have her baby play. She also loves to play directly underneath my right hand and try to do what I'm doing. It's awfully cute.

She isn't that familiar with the video camera - but she warmed up to it after awhile (and I figured out how to use it) and showed some of her talent.

Emily - if I promise to teach her to count and read notes - can you move closer and have her as a piano student? PLEASE? You could call this her audition tape...she'll be ready to go in 3 years!

PS I downloaded free .mov editing software that allowed me to clip off whatever portions of the movie I needed to - and it does a ton of other stuff but that was all I really wanted. It's called videopad. And no, videopad doesn't know I exist, I'm just giving them free advertising because it was seriously easy to use and did exactly what I wanted!

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Emily said...

Heidi, thank you for the updates! Seeing all of you in the pictures makes me even more excited for our trip next week!

I would LOVE to have Addison as a piano student!