Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pioneer Day Camping

We packed up to go camping for Pioneer Day weekend (July 22 - 25). As you can see - you have to take a whole lot more stuff once you have a baby! This was actually Addison's very first time tent-camping, which is my favorite kind of camping.

Addison loved sitting in her tiny camp chair and playing in the river. It was FREEZING but it didn't bother her and she didn't even mind crawling through the sand. I love Robeez shoes and that they work like water socks on little babies. After the days of mud and fun were over a quick bath in the "kitchen" sink was a necessity.

My sister and her family were able to join us for two nights and Addison and Aiden loved sitting across from each other at the picnic table. And they both loved that they could find a snack later on underneath their high-chairs. :)

We put out a tarp and let the kids play. Addison was just starting to take steps when we went camping and so they were mostly content to play on the dry tent.

We didn't hike far but Holly tried out our hiking pack and loved it!

We can't wait for next summer when we can go again.

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