Monday, October 24, 2011

Wind In Your Face

We went on a family reunion to Capitol Reef with Oliver's siblings and parents and had a great weekend (there will be other pictures to come). But one thing Addison hates is riding in her car seat. Oliver and I had to drive down by ourselves and we weren't looking forward to almost 4 hours of Addison in the car.

She did remarkably well seeing how she cries driving less than 2 miles to the babysitter's house most of the time.

On the way home I was driving and trying to find ways to keep her entertained and so I would roll the windows down in series and she thought it was the GREATEST to have the wind in her face! She would giggle and clap and laugh and wave her arms and we played the window game for more than 25 miles - AWESOME! This is what got her screaming "GO" and now she yells it at everyone and every thing.

We had a wonderful time on our long weekend vacation and can't wait until the next Family Reunion (with Nick sleeping somewhere else).

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