Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crispy Crock-Pot Rotisserie Chicken

I love Rotisserie chicken - like the $5 kind from Costco. We have tried to cook whole chicken at home in the crock-pot on several occasions but I am always disappointed that it's soggy, oily, and falls apart into a bone-slimy mess.

Well - let me teach you the BEST FREAKIN' TRICK EVER!

Just ball up three balls of foil and put them underneath the raw chicken in your crock-pot and then cook on low! The drippings fell off into the bottom of the crock-pot, the skin was crispy, the meat was still fall off the bone tender, and I just rubbed some all seasoning salt all over the outside and it was yummy. You could shove some cloves under the skin or dress it with fresh herbs - but this was a Sunday "best use what I have on hand" kind of a meal. I picked up a "managers special" whole chicken the day before that was approaching expiration so it only cost $1.88 for the whole bird! Before church I used my little trick and just turned it on low - about 4 hours later we enjoyed perfect chicken.

Look at that crispy seasoned bird! I also chopped up potatoes from my garden and tossed them with a bag of carrots, olive oil, and a ton of this and that seasonings and let them slow roast in my over at 250 for the duration of church. I love coming home to yummy smelling, no work, Sunday dinner!

If you try it let me know! I will remember this awesome trick the rest of my life (which I originally read about in my Our Best Bites cookbook).

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kirsten.brooke said...

Seriously? That almost looks too simple...like it can't really be that easy!

But you have me convinced, I think I'm going to try it out! Now to get a bird...