Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Picking Pumpkins for FHE

Going to the pumpkin patch with Addison would be fun - but she doesn't have the longest attention span. We decided to go to our backyard patch for FHE and pick our very own pumpkins. After a 30 second song, 10 second prayer, and 40 second lesson it was time for the activity part of FHE!

Addison had a wonderful time looking at all the pumpkins and backing up and sitting down on them. She is getting used to wearing her rain boots but it helped to have some extra stuffing of her footed pjs. We sure love how fun she is and how nice it is to be self-reliant! It was definitely a cheaper pumpkin patch experience as well...

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WhitneyJoy said...

Heidi! The last picture here is awesome. Your husband at first glance looks like he is holding a shot gun.