Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Go Beavers - An Equal Opportunist Cheerleader

Addison is an equal opportunity cheerleader.

She loves the Utes because her mom graduated from there.

She hates the Y because it's just the thing to do.

The team she cheers most loudly for is Oregon State. Her Nana and grandpa met there and her Nana is a HUGE fan. Since Addison is an equal opportunist she was more than thrilled to receive an outfit and parade around practicing her cheers and other toddler moves.

She mounted the bench and then coped an attitude on her decent of the driveway.

She did a little stumble and somersault on her assent of the front lawn and she even practiced showing her cute little bum.

She then paraded around the driveway doing a little jig and sharing her vault of facial expressions.

Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail to old O.S.U. - GOOOO BEAVERS!
Ultimately, she became distracted from her cheer-leading practice, and decided to investigate the state of the fall flowers in our yard. She was quite distraught when I wouldn't let her eat the flowers off the purple blooming bush because they are swarming with end of life cycle bees that are in their mean phase.

After a *small* tantrum she was satisfied to be relocated to a bee-free bush to eat.

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