Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Outfit 1

The YM/YW in our ward put on a Primary Carnival for all the kids every year. It happens on a Wednesday night and there are games and prizes and treats. The whole neighborhood comes and it is a lot of fun. Because we don't have a lot of kids in our neighborhood it isn't very crowded and the youth all dress up and man the games and love the little kids. This is our third year going (and Addison's second) and I think the youth love it more than the little kids!

Addison's Grandma and Grandpa took her to a princess party in September (a cancer fundraiser event) and so she wore her costume again to the carnival. She actually has another costume for Halloween - it just would have been a little hot indoors so we opted for the princess outfit. As it was, she could have gone without the long sleeves because she was really hot!

Oliver and Addison decorated her treat bag and she was ecstatic to put things in and out of it all night long! She didn't eat any of the candy because she doesn't know what it is yet (that's for mom and dad) but she did love putting it in and out of her bag and giving it to her daddy.

Her favorite game to play was the bone toss. The older kids were so nice to let her carry the skeleton hand around with her and interrupt whoever was playing at the time to put it in one of the buckets.

As an aside, I have come to realize that kids are born charitable and considerate and it is their circumstances and life situations that changes that. Every child stepped out of Addison's way, got down on her level to tell her how cute she is, and let her interrupt what they were doing so she could have a turn. Even the four and five-year-olds accommodated her wandering and just loved her. No one was upset when she walked right through the bow and arrows of when she pulled up papers from the cake walk. The kids even shared their treats and prizes with her and wanted her to feel included. I learned more about what the Savior meant when He said "become as a little child". It was a touching teaching moment that was probably not the intended purpose of the Halloween Carnival.

Addison still carries her princess wand all over the house and I love that she has no idea what the Reese's pieces are that she's holding in her hand. Really I do - she'll have plenty of life to eat junk and I love that she still prefers green beans, carrots, cottage cheese, and grapes.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I post pictures of her in her other Halloween outfit!

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