Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Best Event of the Year

I love the State Fair. I took Addison last year but she was just tiny and so I was really excited to take her again this year - especially because she is so curious and excited and fun at this stage. We walked through all the animal barns and Addison pet goats, sheep, cows, and even a piglet. She loved watching the piglets run around and eat and kept telling us all about how exciting it was. Every time we let her out of her stroller she would take off running to see the next thing. Below you can see her running to better see the cows.

After perusing the animal barns we headed towards the children's farm area and made a quick stop at the hot tubs. Addison loves all things water!

I love the children's area where they learn all about the farming process. Addison probably didn't get much educationally out of the whole thing but she loved putting things in and out of her basket, sticking everything in her mouth, and milking the cow.

It was definitely a successful Fair year - we'll be back again and again and again...

PS We went to the Fair the night of the U vs BYU game and dressed appropriately to show our support. Go UTES!

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