Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy 4th Anniversary

Oliver and I decided to celebrate our anniversary (technically 9/27) by going to the circus (on 9/24). It was phenomenal and really fun. We both went once as tiny kids and neither of us remember going so we decided to give it a go. I have an in to order tickets for any Energy Solutions event so we were able to get discounted tickets with no processing fees (the fees alone saved us $26). AWESOME.

We went to dinner at a dine-o-round restaurant and my mom was staying with us and able to babysit Addison.

If you go an hour and a half early to the circus you can go down to the fairway and see all the animals outside. It is a way closer view of the animals than a trip to the zoo - it was actually really cool.

After touring all the animals we then we inside and were able to go down to the circus floor to watch some pre-show activities. The let the kids walk the tight rope, try on costumes, and the performers even helped them to perform little tricks. They also brought some of the animals out to do stunts and interact with the public. Rosie the elephant came and painted for everyone to watch and we also learned about some of her favorite foods. Rosie's most favorite food is fresh baked bread.

I was actually perfectly content after all the pre-circus fun, but I loved the circus too. It is long (like 2.5 hours) but they had great acts. It was also so fun to see the kids about young elementary school aged that were enthralled, thought the clowns were funny, and were old enough to sit that long. It is something we will definitely take our kids to but not for about 8 more years :)

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