Friday, April 8, 2011

8 Months

I think I keep saying that the time is flying and it still is.  Addison had her 8 month birthday yesterday and she seems to have changed so much this last month.  Her looks are very much the same but she is turning into such a fun girl. 

Her favorite position is standing and she yells at you if you seat her after you have been helping her stand.  She could stand for 30 minutes at a time if we would help her. 

She is also learning to get up in a crawl position.  She doesn't go anywhere and she hasn't started rocking yet, but all these first steps will one day lead to a mobile baby.  She will be much happier once she can be mobile and get to where she is trying to go.  Currently, she is just angry that she can't move herself and get her body to sit upright after she topples over.
I don't know if you've noticed lately, but she has her mouth open in most pictures.  She totally knows what the camera is and isn't shy to perform with a squealing laugh.  She is a little diva and has her dad wrapped around her finger.  She has a new little shakin' dance that she loves to perform and she loves that people think she is SO CUTE!  She is now 19.6 pounds and 26.5" long (according to home stats).  She waves all the time and at everyone that will pay any attention to her, she had her first sick day (fever 102.6 & cold) this past month and she has firmly established a two-per-day nap schedule (which makes it easier to run errands on the weekend).  She is wearing 9 month clothes and sleeping a little more than 12 hours per night.  She still will eat everything we offer her and she is now sleeping not swaddled which took a little adjustment.  She can turn on the mobile in her crib and find her binky and put it back into her mouth.  If she drops something she knows where to look for it and she remembers where she last pushed her binky and will seek it.  She is very vocal and knows exactly what she wants and she will keep letting you know it until you figure it out and give it to her!
She continues to be a huge joy and we love her!

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