Thursday, April 28, 2011

Heirloom Rocking Horse

Oliver's grandparents are selling their home.  His grandpa built the home almost 60 years ago!  Oliver's mom grew up in that home and it is the gathering place of the Lyon Family.  It is a sad occasion because of all the fond memories of their home.  Oliver's grandma has set up a family DI/goodwill in the basement so that people can pick a memento or two if they desire.  We went down during the Easter celebration and were able to get some great things including this awesome two-headed rocking horse for Addison.  I can't wait until cousin Aiden comes over so we can see if two kids really fit on it! 
Addison rides it all by herself and loves it!  What a wonderful treasure for our family to have and a great keepsake to remember Grandma and Grandpa Lyon.  They aren't moving far and are beginning another fun and exciting adventure...we're just sad to see this one closing.

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Evan and Holly said...

That is a whole lot of, whole lot of, new posts this morning. You were way busy at work, I see! From those pictures, it seriously does not seem like more than one kid will fit, but if they do that is so cool. Kyle had to be much older before he could ride Evan's rocking horse. He would have fallen off the sides and it took so much longer than that before he could get on and off by himself. I was so happy when that day came. She is a cutie and I am so impressed by the standing unassisted gig. Love the Easter pictures--can't believe Oliver didn't wait for you :) Oliver should come every Saturday and mow our lawn, good idea, right? No more peaches right? Sad. That is such a long time to be in the same place. Are they just down sizing?