Thursday, April 28, 2011

Did You Know Teeth Actually DO SOMETHING

Addison had a brilliant realization this past week - her teeth are meant for something!  She learned that she could bight chunks off her food and put it in her mouth.  I USED TO give her slices of fruit and vegetables to gnaw on while I cooked and prepared meals - however, this is what happened when I gave her a pear wedge...
She bit her pear into chunks and kept shoving every piece possible into her mouth!  Oliver and I laughed and laughed at her new found skill and then I reached to take a piece out of her mouth.  Well I took one out, and then another, and then another and there were FIVE pieces shoved in her cheeks.  While it kept her occupied for about 15 minutes - it does present a slight choking hazard - and so I now chunk her food and only put a few piece on her tray at a time.  She thinks that everything on her tray should be in her mouth before she can start chewing.  She does love to eat!

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