Sunday, April 3, 2011


This weekend was General Conference for our church.  Saturday and Sunday we are able to watch the Apostles and other leaders of our church speak.  Where we live, conference runs from 10 - 12 and from 2 - 4 both days.  It is awesome that we can watch it on TV because when I was in Oregon, if we didn't have cable, we would dress in Sunday clothes and watch it at our church building.  I do love church in pajamas! 

Last October Addison was barely 2 months old and conference wasn't that great.  I was exhausted and she wasn't on a great schedule and so I saw some of it, fed her, tried to keep her happy, and slept.  I was really looking forward to this general conference because Addison naps from 2 - 4 everyday and so I knew that we would get to watch at least 2 sessions! 

Our basement is freezing because we have some furnance issues but that is where we keep our TV.  We don't watch a lot of TV anymore because of it - which is a good thing.  We decided to bring our TV upstairs for conference where it would be warmer and we could putter and get some other things done at the same time.  
Addison was mesmerized by the TV.  She hasn't watched much, if any, TV in her life and she was enchanted. 
She has gotten to a point where when I pull out the camera she turns and looks at me and smiles.  But I could not get her attention to save my life!  I like to think that she knew what was going on and could tell that men of God were speaking to her - but then it could have just been the flashy screen :)
Saturday she watched the whole first hour of conference captivated by the televison and the we played and had lunch during the second hour and she napped all afternoon.  Sunday she did almost as well and we introduced the laundry basket as a fun toy.
She loves to stand right now and gets angry if you put her back in a sitting position when she has been standing.  She could stand for forever!  She is growing so quickly and just so fun.


Evan and Holly said...

Love that so cute!

TysonandMarthaGerber said...

I'm with you with not watching much TV. I do have to say that I love hulu and we watched conference on our laptop.