Sunday, April 3, 2011


Oliver and I purchased a used bike trailer off KSL.  It was 70 degrees on Friday and Oliver had taken his CPA exam that morning (to be graded in June so we don't know how it went).  That afternoon all he wanted to do was be outside!  So while Addison and I napped he washed the bike trailer and got the bikes ready for an excursion.  He blew up my bike tire first and then worked on cleaning the trailer - while he was cleaning the trailer - my tire blew up and nearly scared him to death.  A trip to the bike store for a new tire and to Home Depot for a pin for the trailer and we were all ready for our adventure. 

I love this age - I think I have loved every stage - but Addison is just so FUN!  She is happy and loves to try things and is willing to do anything we throw her way.  She was laughing when we put her in the trailer for the first time.
I think she was just as happy to be outside as her dad!
She can now hold her binky and put it in and out of her mouth.  She can also pick it up, drop it, remember where she dropped it, and put it back in her mouth.  Isn't growing up great!?!
By the time we were all ready to go I only had about 25 minutes befor e I needed to leave for my mission reunion (isn't that the way life is - prep takes way longer than we ever think).  We decided to just bike around our neighborhood and see how she liked it.  She wasn't squealing with joy but she wasn't crying either so I would call it a success.  We got to the furthest point we were going and were turning to come home and the chain on my bike broke!  So I lamely had to walk my bike all the way home while Oliver and Addison did circles around me.  I did try Oliver's bike with the trailer for a little while and it is amazing how light the trailer is!  You can barely tell it is even connected!
It was pretty cute because several times when we turned around - Addison was holding her toes while she was getting pulled around the neighborhood.  
I forsee many more fun adventures because I think this was way more fun that walking with the stroller!  Maybe Uncle Taylor will come for a visit and take Addison on one of his long bike rides - maybe when she is just a little older...


Evan and Holly said...

Maybe it'll be a new way to get her to nap, and if Taylor takes her then she could get a great nap in :) By the way, so super cute. We went to one of Evan's mission reunions and we decided never again. No one he knew, or at least that he liked :)

Taylor said...

Where is her helmet?

Shaunel said...

So jealous! My dream is to go on a family bike ride. Love your idea for the bumbo--Jackson's really good at getting out of it now adays, so I'll have to find something I can strap him into.