Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crusing and Standing

Addison would prefer to be standing all of the time.  Sometimes I sit for about an hour and just hold her upright so that she can see what's going on around her.  She stands holding onto the pew for most of Sacrament Meeting and she cries if she isn't done standing and you put her on her bum.  Keeping her upright all of the time can be a tiring endeavor and so I taught her how to stand using our stair railing.  She loves it and I can fold laundry or just sit and talk to her without holding her upright (plus the toe/foot shaped bruises on my thighs are yellowing and should be gone in the next week because of her new-found skill). 
She has also learned how to go from one railing to the next.  She isn't very sure footed and she is learning about where her head is in relation to the railing (because she keeps trying to lean forward and smacks her head into it).  
I'm sure she'll be standing on her own in no time!  And, no, she still doesn't roll over to go places or crawl.  She just prefers to stand, cruise and scream until you place her where she wants to be.  She does know how to roll-over, she just has everyone in her life convinced that they should relocate her instead.  Much easier!

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