Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Packages and Love

Addison received a ton of love throughout the Easter season.  She received packages in the mail from Nana and Aunt Kelly.  She received a basket from her grandparents and a shopping bag of new clothes from my neighbor who just HAD to go into the Oshkosh-b'gosh outlet in St. George.  I took pictures of her opening her packages that came in the mail a few days before Easter because I couldn't wait to see what was in them - she probably could have - but it's much more fun to have something to open every day then all at once!
She was so excited!
Actually she was just happy to have the package and she didn't even care that there was something inside the pretty paper.  Unlike Christmas she had no interest in helping tear off that paper or find the treasure inside.  She just wanted to hold the packages, shake them and laugh!
But I DID care what was in the packages and so they were eventually all opened.  She received books, clothes, toys and even a chocolate bunny (with instructions to share with mom and dad).  It was a wonderful Easter!

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