Friday, April 8, 2011

Loves to Read

 Both Oliver and I love to read - and since we have our TV in the basement - we find ourselves reading a lot!  (I hate our basement because it's freezing).  My parents are both avid readers and I believe that kids reading anything/everything is great...if Addison wants to read the encyclopedia or comics I don't really care - I just want her to read.  We recently rearranged our house furniture (my favorite past time) and now our rocker is in our front room.  Addison and I had story time in there yesterday and she loved her new surroundings and she loved her books.
She finished her Book of Mormon reader for the first time yesterday, I'm sure we'll cycle through hundreds more times!  Also, I have to figure out how to track down more Raffi Board Books because she gets SO EXCITED to read/sing Baby Beluga! 

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